Friday, June 4, 2010


Here i would like to intro new antivirus software that i think good enough and the most important is - FREE..huhu..Maybe u ever heard about it but i'm sure that u never try it.

Brought to u - The SMADAV 2010 - Indo made.
1.  Focus more on indo made of viruses..haha
2.  Compatible with Windows Vista & Windows 7.
3. Can be join/combine with other antivirus (Avira, AVG etc) to become more stable and unbeatable..wahhh.
4. More features with SMADAV Pro but u have to put some money la..

Here are the screenshoots of the software.

I ve tried almost a year and so far is OKAY unless u got extra bucks then go for Kaspersky or whatsoever..;D

1 orang baru nak pergi PLKN.. isk isk..:

Abnormaltech said... [Reply]

look good. will read up more before trying.

Not Obsolete Yet. So Grab It!

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