Monday, June 28, 2010

MONEY ILLUSION illusion? What is that? Never heard right. Sometimes we can make fun with money..really..but this kinda real too..Take a look. ;D

15 orang baru nak pergi PLKN.. isk isk..:

~only me~ said... [Reply]

i've nvr think to do like that.. (^_^)
and i'll nvr know if i dont read this...hehe

blakepaghe said... [Reply] its so sad i'm not in those pictures...hahaha

woaini_87 said... [Reply]

You tried this b4??
Haha.. take a picture of urself too..=)

nn said... [Reply]

nice. most of it looks real. ive seen a picture of something like this but using RM10 :DD

Adha said... [Reply] eyes is blinking right now..:P

hudhud said... [Reply]

hahahaha cant stop laughing that was so cool ok ! :))

Efendi said... [Reply]

so kreatif

michelle said... [Reply]

Nice, hehe..

♥ ♥ Rene, Gucci's mom ! ♥ ♥ said... [Reply]

nice interesting fab post !

papabear said... [Reply]

cool tricks!!!

pondokmerah said... [Reply]

apa yang penting nak duit

SiMon Har said... [Reply]

haha! cool! there's 1 who looks like Mona Lisa xD

v!vi@n said... [Reply] cool!!!! i wan one pics of mine....LOL.....

Chloe said... [Reply]

nice tricks!never taught of that!

RanDomApple$ said... [Reply]

Lol..thats cool! :p. duit malaysia boleh buat gitu ker?

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