Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So long waiting and none of the ads running on my idea right?? Don't worry, refer back to the Nuffnang FAQ, They said that:

"Our marketing team is always out on the ground scouring for related advertisers. We are interested not only in making you money but finding you the best match possible! "

"Before your blog is assigned any CPM ads from advertisers, it will show non paying ads or to minimize ad unit which you've selected as your Ads Preference in your Blog Manager with the exception of Show Global CPC Ads where you get paid for the number of clicks by your visitors. "

Haha u already know right.. eventhough this were fm their FAQ but i'm very sure that there were so many bloggers espeacially newbies did not notice this. And not to forget you must get write something good, behave good & good readers (haha..traffic ler tu)

So,..please read before start anything..

5 orang baru nak pergi PLKN.. isk isk..:

kenwooi said... [Reply]

i see.. =)

jfook said... [Reply]

Good luck to you!

Nina Nurziana said... [Reply]

this is good for me.. hehe~

Himmat Singh said... [Reply]

haha first time.....i was in the same position as u too...

greenteacarm said... [Reply]

:D ohh,, thanks for the tips

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